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Skype and written reports are now priced differently. They have the same amount of detail but I charge more for the written versions because they are labour intensive. Check the drop-down list under "Report Options."

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The 4-5 page Attraction Profile (or 45 minute Skype session) looks at who you attract, why you attract them, and what you can do if you want to change this. Accurate time of birth is necessary for this report.

I analyze the following 4 areas of your chart:

  • 2nd House (what you feel is essential and how you get it through relationships)

  • 7th House (the kind of partner/relationship you view as ideal)

  • 8th House (who you attract without even trying)

  • 12th House (your "soul mate" or missing piece)

Credit is given to Jeffrey Wolf Green for the original concept (in his book "Pluto: The Soul's Evolution Through Relationships, Vol II") of how these houses work together to form a relationship profile.

I look at the signs on the cusp of each house, their ruling planets and any planets or asteroids inside these houses to create a comprehensive profile that gives you the tools to manage your love life. 

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