Future Trends Report

I am currently booked to January 17th, 2019. Readings will be delivered 3-5 days after January 17th, 2019.

The 9-12 page Future Trends Report (or 90 minute Skype session) is an extensive look at upcoming possibilities. Densely packed with precise dates and descriptions, you'll discover what you should be cautious about, what's ending, what's starting, and how you can make the most of auspicious influences. I analyze the impact of transits, progressions and lunations on your chart. The first twelve months are analyzed in detail, then the most significant influences for one to two years after that are considered. 

I welcome questions/requests for clarifications about anything that I've covered in the report. However, due to the extreme amount of detail in this report, I don't extend the reading once it's complete by including new transits/progressions. If there are transits, progressions or date ranges you'd like me to address, please let me know before I begin the report. I include all the influences that I feel are most relevant for you, but if you become aware of an influence or date range that's not in the report (after it's completed) I'll be happy to cover it with an additional Mini Consult that will be booked during my next available time slot.

Skype and written reports are now priced differently. They have the same amount of detail but I charge more for the written versions because they are labour intensive.  Check the drop-down list under "Report Options." Once you place your order, please email your details to nadiagilchrist@gmail.com.

I have updated my refund policy in my Terms of Service: please read before you book.

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