A recent article in The Times Online stated that even though many women are unhappily single, it's a choice they've made: Learning to be Left on the Shelf (Times Online).  I believe that it's much more complicated then this but it did get me thinking about the planet that is the antithesis of romantic partnership; Uranus.  Look at someone's chart who's been single for a large part of their life and chances are it will have an emphasized Uranus.  This air planet is the co-ruler of Aquarius (along with Saturn).  Uranus demonstrates a contempt for conventionality and this, mixed with it's fixed characteristics, makes for a person who stubbornly clings to their independence.  As a higher octave of Mercury, Uranus has also been accused of being cold and unemotional.  However, Uranus can also be very romantic in it's own way; the glittery idea of romance is what appeals.  Partnership without the partner.

All of us have Uranus in our charts.  Positively, we can use this energy to blaze our own trails and observe things with objectivity.  Negatively, we can say and do things just to be perverse and watch the results with cold detachment.  Ironically, although the energy of Uranus can isolate people (it's the sign of the rebel) it also represents humanity in the broadest sense.