Mother and Daughter (part 1)

Many of us will eventually have to look after our parents as they age.  The roles are reversed and now we become the decision makers and care takers.  What might that look like in someone’s chart?

A friend of mine is living with her mother who is starting to show signs of dementia.  Currently her mother is hospitalized after fracturing her pelvis during a fall.  When I look at my friend’s chart I see transiting Pluto is bulldozing its way through her fourth house (which represents home, childhood and mother).  Anything that Pluto touches is deeply and permanently transformed.  Her relationship with her mother is obviously changing.  Her physical home is changing as well:  if her mother comes home modifications will be needed so she can get around.

Once transiting Saturn goes direct it will cross over my friend’s Ascendant at one degree Libra.  This usually indicates an increase in responsibility.  Transiting Neptune in Aquarius is currently opposite my friend’s Moon (also representing her mother) in Leo.  Neptune dissolves whatever it touches so it often brings illness and delusion (dementia).

Looking at her mother’s chart, I see that transiting Neptune has just crossed over her Sun (vitality) and is now opposite her natal Neptune.  Neptune opposite Neptune occurs once in a person’s life, usually around their eighty third year.  It symbolizes completion and transcendence of the physical body.  A person becomes truly aware (and is often forced into this awareness) that there is something beyond what they can see and touch.

Fortunately, in addition to having a fiery Leo Moon (conjunct Mars), my friend’s Sun is in buoyant Sagittarius.  This perfectly symbolizes her light which guides her mother through a frightening and confusing time.

In part two of this blog post I’ll look at the effect of transiting Neptune on the Sun/Moon opposition in their synastry.....