Cardinal Crisis: The Grand Cardinal Cross of August, 2010

Every astrologer and their cat has written about the Cardinal Cross occurring on August 6-7.  It is, exactly as the name implies, a giant X  (2 oppositions) between 4 sets of planets which also square each other, all in cardinal signs.  Specifically:  Pluto in Capricorn opposing Moon in Cancer, Uranus/Jupiter in Aries opposing Venus/Saturn/Mars in Libra.  Why is this such a big deal?

This is a pretty rare formation: the planets don't form a celestial cross every day.  Plus..... cardinal signs...the most explosive, dynamic, impatient signs out there.  So what you have is the pull of 2 massive oppositions contained by 4 walls:  dynamite in a box.  But what does it mean and what will happen?

Astrologers are predicting all sorts of tumultuous events.  I prefer the wait and see approach.  In my experience, mundane events rarely go according to plan.  The universe has it's own plan and more often then not we're left out of the loop. What I can do is look at what the specific energies in the cross mean.

Pluto in Capricorn means power and status ( government).  The Moon in Cancer is the public, emotion and nurturing.  Moon opposite Pluto...power vs. emotion, structure vs. nurturing, public vs. government.  Uranus/Jupiter in Aries is explosive expansion and change....the individual.  Venus/Saturn/Mars in Libra is structured relationships, balance of male and female.  Uranus/Jupiter opposed to the Libra triple conjunction could be seen as  change to the status quo of relationships, partnerships vs. the single person.

So government and the public, partnerships and the individual.  The four pillars of human interaction.  How this shakes out is anyone's guess but I'll be watching.  Stay tuned after August 7th when I'll analyze anything that does happen.