Weekly Horoscopes for July 25th to August 1st: Mercury into Virgo and Jupiter Rx

Check out my new weekly horoscope column at www.outthere4u.com. This is my first attempt at writing "sun sign" horoscopes and I've found that it's a terrific exercise for staying on top of transits, retrogrades, etc.http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://karenswhimsy.com/public-domain-images/astrology-signs/astrology-signs-6.jpg&imgrefurl=http://karenswhimsy.com/astrology-signs.shtm&usg=__QFuZiXvNUp-lgCWS_FUNQw9t0dQ=&h=578&w=405&sz=90&hl=en&start=5&um=1&itbs=1&tbnid=QSMmOBgLUV8vTM:&tbnh=134&tbnw=94&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dpublic%2Bdomain%2Bimages%2Bvintage%2Bastrology%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26tbs%3Disch:1


This week is about minding the details and staying centered.  Analytical Mercury moves into Virgo on July 28th (staying until October 4th) and grandiose Jupiter backs out of Aries on July 23rd.   Mercury  is strong  in the sign that it rules so this week communication should flow nicely and nothing will be overlooked.  It's a good thing that the magnifying glass is coming out:  Jupiter retrograde is an ideal time to go back over what was started and make sure nothing was missed.  Jupiter in Aries is a high octane position with a tendency to rush into things and skip the details. If you find an error, now is the time to correct it.  On July 26th Uranus in Aries will shake things up as it opposes Saturn in Libra. Balance will be difficult to achieve initially…you may find yourself swinging  from one extreme to the other before you find the center.  Mars moves into Libra on July 29th and will meet exacting Saturn with a bang on July 31st.  Expect crisis and blockages in the areas of partnerships, law and compromise.


It's been sparklers and fireworks for you lately. Things have been on an upswing and opportunities have been presenting themselves.  But does it now seem as if the pace is slowing down?  Jupiter, the planet that's added rocket fuel to your ambition, started backing out of your sign on July 23rd.  You'll still see good things happening but there might be some delays. Take what Jupiter has brought you so far and work with it. The time to surge ahead will come later next year.  On the relationship front, it’s time to take a serious look at partnerships, whether business or personal.  Issues involving freedom vs. commitment will come to light on July 26th.  Things could come to a head on July 31st as your ruler, Mars, collides with Saturn in your relationship sector.   But you can march into this knowing there's no rush to resolve things:  you'll have a good two years to work it out.


You have strength and determination to burn.   No one can stand in the way of the charging bull, not even  heavy duty Saturn in your work and health zone.   On July 29th Saturn will be joined here by Mars.  When the planet of action meets the planet of responsibility things get hectic. Your work load could increase or a chronic health issue could surface.  Not to worry…you’ll have more then enough stamina to handle whatever is thrown at you.  To balance things out, your sector of fun and creativity will be highlighted until October 4th.  So even if things get stressful you’ll have lots of fun, flirtations and projects that will let you shine.  Even if you’re not in the mood to celebrate, recognize that this means the universe never gives you more then you can handle.


There’s been a lot of action in your home sector lately…almost too much.  This week events will definitely settle as Mars heads out the door on July 29th.  If issues with parents, home renovations, moving or mortgages have felt overwhelming you’ll be able to get a handle on things this week. Discussions will go your way as Mercury, your ruler, moves into this sector on July 28th.  This is a friendly place for Mercury but be aware it will retrograde on August 21st:  things could get confusing after this date.  Mars will enter the area of your life concerned with celebrations and creativity on July 29th.  Your social life will be energized  and you’ll be calling the shots.   Any creative projects that you start now should go the distance as Saturn has just entered the same area for the next two years.  Saturn’s reality check could mean less opportunities for fun but more opportunities to focus on projects close to your heart.  It’s time to get serious about what you have to offer:  this is the work that may help you take center stage in the future.


You have uninvited  house guests.  Saturn has moved into your home sector and will be staying for about two years.  On July 31st Mars will barge past Saturn and charge through your home sector as well.  Increased responsibilities around the home, plans to buy a house or issues involving your parents are all possibilities.  In addition to this, your career and public image continue to be shaken with changes, opportunities and expansions. On July 23rd expect some delays or reversals in this area:  things will move forward again but not until next year. This push and pull between public and home is undoubtedly making you uncomfortable.  You CAN juggle both, no matter what you may be feeling right now.


The Sun shines brightly in the sign that it rules and things will get even brighter for you this week.  Taskmaster Saturn has left your financial sector and on July 29th Mars will follow, taking any instability with it.  If it's been crunch time regarding money or security  things should ease up considerably. Venus in this sector could help you attract money and discussions or ideas that were stalled move forward. Even if your finances don't increase significantly you'll definitely see reasons to feel more secure. This couldn't come at a better time because you might have the urge to broaden your horizons by traveling or enrolling in some classes.  Go for it, just be aware of initial glitches or delays around July 26th.


You know that light you keep tucked away? Lately, it’s been more difficult to hide it.  You’ve been enjoying a significant boost  as Saturn has finally left your sign and Mars has moved in.   If you’ve been thinking about starting a project now would be the time because Mars will be leaving your sign on July 29th.  If you get things up and running, Mercury’s entrance into Virgo on July 28th will help you refine and continue what you started with Mars.  Mercury in your sign is excellent news and not just because it’s your ruler:  it will stay in Virgo until October 4th.   This will be a fantastic stretch of time to accomplish things.  And if this isn’t enough good news, Venus is still in Virgo this week.  You can work that charm and get some of what you want or need. But since this probably isn't your style, at the very least  you can expect some admiring glances to be thrown your way.


Situations that have been simmering finally come to a boil. …and then the heat is turned down.  On July 29th Mars will come galloping out of the hidden area of your life.   That background scenario or secret fear will finally see the light of day and progress will be made!  At least that's how it will seem until Mars runs headlong into Saturn (which is back in your sign).   Stalled progress?  More like slow but sure progress.  There is still more to be revealed so don’t act yet….Saturn wants you to do things thoroughly and correctly.  At the same time, you'll experience confrontations and delays in one particular relationship, especially around July 26th.  Take this opportunity to decide if this is what you really want.  Now you can start to realize your own needs and balance them against the needs of another.


No one does intense, inner exploration like you, Scorpio.  You're all about going deep to get to the truth.   Well, now's your chance to do what you do best.   On July 26th, confrontational events in your work and health sector will bring to light things that you've been denying or keeping hidden.  On July 29th, Mars brings a surge of awareness as it moves into the secret area of your life to join Saturn.  Things may be hidden here from yourself or others, but either way it's the start of a self discovery process that will take about two years. Situations may be ending so let them go gracefully.  If you’re feeling less social allow yourself to withdraw a bit.  You’ll  need this quiet time to do the inner work that will lay the foundation for a new future.


You’ve been feeling even more optimistic then usual as Jupiter, your ruler, has swept into your sector of parties and creativity.  You’re social and expansive at the best of times but lately there’s been no stopping you.  So you might wonder what’s happening this week as things start to slow down. Jupiter will be moving in reverse as of July 23rd so it’s influence will wane.  If you’ve been trying to get some creative projects off the ground you could run into some delays now.  The best way to handle this influence is go back over what you’ve done so far and make sure it’s one hundred percent correct.  The time to charge forward will come next year.   After July 29th, watch for any arguments amongst friends or groups.   How important is it that you're in the right?   The cost could involve losing friends and associates.


Your ruler, Saturn, has moved into your career and public image sector.  He will be joined by ambitious Mars on July 29th.  This means more responsibility and possible recognition from higher ups.  Well, bring it on!  This is your arena and you know the rules of the game.   It all sounds great except for some instability in your home sector which will come to a head on July 26th.  What's occurring at home is distracting you from your climb up the ladder but the changes were a long time coming.  Roll with it and see what shakes out:  you'll be pleasantly surprised later on, even if things seem to be in stop and start mode at the moment.


Freedom is always an issue for you but  lately it’s been paramount as the Sun continues to spotlight your relationship sector.   You are acutely aware of your need to be yourself vs. being with a partner.   At the start of the week watch for this tug of war to intensify as your ruler opposes Saturn. There’s room for discussion here so verbalize what you’re feeling: your partner will be more receptive then you realize.  On July 29th any disagreements regarding taxes, debts, inheritance or your partner’s finances will become easier to resolve.  Anxieties and seemingly insurmountable blockages in this area will fade.   Discussions should flow and solutions will be clear right up until August 20th.


Storm clouds behind you and light on the horizon:  this describes your  relationships now.  Heavy duty Saturn has passed out of your relationship zone and, as of July 29th, quarrelsome Mars follows Saturn out the door. Issues have come to a head  and been resolved.  Whether this means you are newly single or have moved your relationship to the next phase of commitment, know that where you are right now is real and relevant.  You can start this next phase of your life with the assurance that what you have to say will be well received.