Weekly Horoscopes for August 1st to 8th: Grand Cardinal Cross


This week will be dominated by the Grand Cardinal Cross on August 6th to 7th.  That sounds very dramatic, doesn't it?  It does involve the take-action Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer) who like to stir things up.  But sometimes a kick in the pants is what we need to move things in the right direction.  Watch for innovation to run up against the status quo and intense emotion to bubble over the structures containing it.  Themes of commitment vs. freedom and inner vs. outer development will be highlighted.  Some signs will be affected more strongly then others but everyone will feel it in some way.  This week's forecasts outline the areas impacted by the Cross for each sign.


You want to go full steam ahead:  there’s so much that you’re capable of and you can almost touch those new opportunities.  But like a hummingbird tied to an boulder, you feel like you’re moving at top speed and getting nowhere.  The Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in your sign forms one of the points of the Grand Cross this week.  Uranus and Jupiter are moving backwards and they seem to be taking the opportunities and energy they brought.  Venus will be moving into your partnership sector on August 7th, pulling your attention to a particular relationship. There will be commitment issues to address as Venus joins the heavy duty conjunction of Saturn and Mars. Try not to let your drive for status and success steamroll issues in your personal life. On August 6th to 7th it will seem as if it's come down to you instead of them or home instead of career.  Compromise and patience is the key here:  take the needs of others into consideration and what you want for yourself will arrive down the road .


Change is not something you’re crazy about but you are evolving.  A whole new you is starting to emerge so it’s important that your choices honour this.  Venus, your ruler, moves into your work and health zone on August 7th.   Something you want is arriving and it could be a pay increase, a flirtation at work or a new health regime.  All good, but Saturn and Mars in this area will be presenting some restrictions to getting what you want.  This doesn’t mean it’s impossible, it just means you’ll have to work for it.  On August 6th to 7th you might find that the events in your work and health zone clash with some unconscious habits or secrets. If something is revealed that disrupts your activities use this revelation to discard what isn’t working anymore.  Ask yourself what’s holding you back.  As you respond to events, watch what you say and how you say it:  emotions will be running high.


Do your friends and social life make you feel secure?  How do you define security?  Events this week will highlight these questions.  Venus dances into your sector of parties, creativity and children on August 7th. You can see the potential for something to come to fruition.  You might be thinking of conceiving a child or creative project, indulging in a flirtation or taking centre stage.  There will be some restrictions to what you want, as Venus will have to get past Saturn and Mars.  But if you’re willing to put the work in it could be the start of something long term.  Keep an eye on your circle of friends from August 6th to 7th as an unexpected disruption here could challenge what Venus brings you.  All of this will shake your sense of emotional and/or financial security but that’s ok:  your ideas of what makes you feel secure are transforming (especially in the area of shared resources).  The events of this week will push this transformation along so it's time to look at what you really need.


You'll be feeling the pressure this week but remember that this can create diamonds.  The Grand Cross will be highlighting the Moon in your sign on August 6th to 7th.  You'll be focusing on your needs and how they are being disrupted by events in your career and home sectors.   Venus moves into your home sector on August 7th, implying a desired outcome.  This could involve be a major renovation or a home business. Venus will be joining Saturn and Mars which means that you can get what you want, you’ll just have to work doubly hard.  There will also be a surprise in your career sector which threatens to disrupt what’s happening at home.  What this is really about is transforming how you look after yourself vs. what you do for others.  Follow your instincts and they won't steer you wrong.


Your outlook is broadening and your ideas are becoming more focused.  Your thinking has been serious and disciplined:  you’re concerned with what you can realistically achieve.   When Venus moves into your communication sector on August 7th, plans involving business and finance are favoured.  But these plans are shaken by an unexpected event in your sector of travel, education and philosophy.  This disruption may be a revelation or something untested that you hadn’t previously considered.  While it will seem threatening at first, use the opportunity to see if your plans are on the right track or if they'll need to be redirected.  The stress will hit you on a deeper level then you’re first aware of:  make allowances for this by paying extra attention to your health and daily habits.


Your sense of security will be shaken and stirred this week.  Venus moves into your income sector on August 7th which is great news since Venus rules money.  Things have been tight for you financially with Saturn giving you reasons to develop a stringent budget.  Venus will bring some relief although your flow of income will still be restricted.  On August 6th to 7th, upheavals in your sector of shared resources will directly affect your finances:  things could come to a head regarding taxes, inheritance or a change in your partner’s income.  You'll be looking at what you have and how it’s been defining you socially.  Have you taken pride in who you are or is your ego based on material possessions?   How much do the opinions of others influence what you’re proud of?


You’re trying to build something solid for yourself.  You’ve got the drive, you've got the discipline and now you have Venus, your ruler, on your side as she enters Libra on August 7th.  This is a significant pile up of planets and it will be emphasized by the Grand Cross.  Saturn and Mars have equaled hard work and some frustration.  The pressures won’t change this week but Venus will increase your ability to handle them.  You’ll need this confidence because on August 6th to 7th an unexpected jolt involving a relationship will challenge you.  Remain your balanced, diplomatic self, even if things get emotional  at home or work.  The planets in your sign are powerful allies and they have joined forces to help you.


Your privacy is sacred so events this week will take some careful handling.  Venus moves into your sector of hidden things on August 7th, adding to behind the scenes action as it joins Saturn and Mars.  This could consist of anything from a secret relationship to inner work that you are doing for yourself.  On August 6th to 7th, an unexpected event in your working environment will disrupt what you're hiding, possibly revealing things you’re not ready to show.  Watch what you say and how you react.  Guard against paranoia and try to keep your mind and emotions above it all:  the more you attempt to control others, the harder you’ll get hit.  You already have all the control you need over what's happening within you so concentrate on this.


Things are getting serious in your social life and that's not something you're comfortable with. Saturn and Mars in your sector of friends and groups have introduced conflict and it seems that the stakes are higher then they should be. When Venus joins Saturn and Mars on August 7th it seems as if something attractive has arrived (such a new friend or acceptance into a group).  Although Saturn’s continuing influence may not be lighthearted this is the time when you find out who your real friends are or what you really have to offer others.  On August 6th to 7th, issues concerning a child, creative project or doing things on your own terms could challenge the status quo of others.  It's  you vs. the collective. Your sense of security and belonging will be shaken although this is partly due to a transformation of what makes you secure.  If things get emotional, remember this is all occurring to help you figure out what works best for you.  If the old ways aren’t cutting it, let them go.


Your star is on the rise as Venus enters your career and public image zone on August 7th.   Finally, what you want seems to be in reach until Venus bumps into Saturn.  It will feel like denial and delays but it’s really a chance to prove yourself.  Do you want this enough to put in the hard work and discipline required to make it happen?  If anyone can do it, you can.  The Grand Cross will touch on this area, telling you now is the time to go for it.  On August 6th to 7th, a disruption in your home sector seems to threaten what you’ve built in your career so far.  This is  happening to ensure that what you want is the real thing:  how will you know it's solid if it’s not shaken?   If  this seems to clash with your sense of self right now remember that Pluto is transiting your sign and transforming you at the deepest possible level.  This transformation is just beginning and when it's over you'll be in a very different place.  So do you have to go through all this alone?  Absolutely not:  your partner is there for you as long as you don't get all stoic on them and shut them out.


What do you see when you look into the distance?  Venus moves into your sector of travel, education and philosophy on August 7th, bringing an attractive option.  Be aware that with Saturn and Mars in the same area you’ll have to work extra hard to manifest what you want.  On August 6th to 7th, a revelation or surprising message threatens to upset this attractive new development so watch how you react.  Dramatic statements will not work and could do more harm then good.   Step back and wait until the dust clears:  whatever's left is meant to be and you can carry it forward.  You could feel overwhelmed by this with emotions leaking out in places they shouldn't (like work).  Cut yourself some slack and look after yourself physically and spiritually.


Finance is not usually at the top of your list of concerns but lately your income has been in flux.   On August 7th Venus moves into your house of shared resources which is good news as Venus rules money.  Shared resources can mean your partner's finances, taxes or inheritance.  As Venus approaches Saturn and Mars it may seem as if things will be restricted but if you stay disciplined the gains you make will be solid.  On August 6th to 7th a surprise regarding your shifting income will clash with your shared resources:   what you have to contribute could become even more uncertain.  Ride it out as these areas are evolving and attitudes you had in the past about money and security are not appropriate now.  If overindulgence and emotional spending are issues now is the time to change them.