Horoscopes for December 18th to December 25th


Venus moves into Aquarius on December 20th, sparking freedom/excitement and disruption in relationships or finances. It will also run into a challenging square with Jupiter in stubborn Taurus. The need for more will clash with whatever is new or unexpected. Some may feel overwhelmed and others may go overboard. The workaround will appear on the Winter Solstice as the Sun moves into Capricorn (December 22nd). It will form a harmonious trine with Jupiter, suggesting that boundaries and grounded expansion can help most people through any holiday conflicts.


Venus moves into your sector of friends and groups, boosting your charm and social appeal just in time for the holidays. Light hearted get togethers and possible new romance (via introductions from friends) are featured. Some of these introductions may challenge your security/self-esteem; consider how far you'll go to gain the approval of others. Career matters should proceed more smoothly as the Sun ensures that ambition, job security and recognition are supported and encouraged by those in charge.


Venus (your ruler) moves into your sector of career and public recognition. Others will see and appreciate your talents as long as you don't push for more than is offered. Stay open to any and all opportunities for exploring the unexpected; this is not the time to offer more of the same. Predictable ambitions will find a more welcoming outlet in the following areas: education, long distance travel, legal matters. As the Sun moves into your sector of opportunities you can make significant gains in these areas by doing what you do best.


Embrace the unexpected as Venus enters your opportunities sector. Intriguing developments will be very attractive even as they circumvent what you want. They won't exceed your expectations so much as completely blowing past what you secretly hoped for.  The Sun lights up your sector of shared resources as loans, debts or your partner's finances fall in line with background developments. Help from an unknown/unexpected source is a possibility. Alternatively, increased physical and emotional intimacy are featured as you move past a hidden fear or blockage.


Unexpected opportunities appear as Venus enters your sector of shared resources. Shifting boundaries, resources and power will be themes as you consider what's being offered and/or what you can give in return. Don't allow external opinions or expectations to influence you; this is a private matter. On the other hand, it is ok to go public with surface relationship issues/status. The Sun enters your partnership sector, opening things up through increased social awareness or exposure. Holiday get togethers with friends can encourage growth between you and your significant other.


Partnership issues will clash with career gains as Venus enters your relationship sector. Should you put your personal life ahead of the progress you're making on job? There's no easy answer because something about what you need in a relationship is disrupting the status quo. Focusing on the essentials will give you an easier time as the Sun moves into your sector of day to day activities. A strong, organized health and work routine will support your future ambitions and show others that you mean business.


Venus moves into your sector of day to day activities, bringing revitalized health and/or work routines. Be prepared to make adjustments and don't be thrown off by future expectations. Focus on what's in front of you for now, even if changes go against long term plans/dreams. Creative goals/projects will get a huge boost as the Sun moves into this sector. This is one area where you should think big as future opportunities can expand your range of influence.


Creative goals, holiday socializing and new romance can be exciting as Venus (your ruler) lights up this part of your life. Enjoy, but watch that the need for more doesn't push you to overdo it.  You have a lot at your disposal but certain resources (financial and emotional) are not limitless. The Sun in your sector of home and family hi-lights close emotional bonds and private nurturing.


Venus enters your home and family sector, hi-lighting family celebrations, home entertaining and feathering your nest. Developments in a partnership may clash with this as you find yourself juggling romance and family. Straightforward ideas can help you out here as the Sun illuminates tried and true solutions. Staying focused on traditions and respectful communication is the best way forward.


New ideas, positive messages and optimistic thoughts are featured as Venus moves in to your communications sector. You'll be saying "Why not?" but make sure you keep one foot on the ground. Your abundant optimism and energy may push you into taking on  more than you can handle. Reminding yourself of the practical details (finances, security) can keep you grounded but still leave enough room for growth.


Venus moves into your security sector, reminding you of emotional/financial needs.  There's much to be gained here as long as you don't allow ego to be your driving force. Consider the fine line between selfishness and self-esteem. The Sun in your sign will bring you assurance, confidence and the desire to move forward with a goal that's close to your heart.


Get ready to sparkle! Venus in your sign gives you charm, magnetism and unusual glamour that can be your trademark if you just let it out. Yes, really. You can fall in love this holiday season, even as family issues throw a distracting wrench into the works. Rather than allowing family/home demands to overwhelm you, pull back and set firm boundaries. It's crucial that you let others know when you have time for them and when you have time just for yourself.


Venus enters you sector of hidden things, hinting at background developments or the desire to retreat. If you're not feeling as festive as you "should" be, that's ok. Celebrate in whatever way feels right and don't allow expectations to push you out of your comfort zone. Socializing with friends and groups may crowd out some of your alone time but it's really up to you when and where you make an appearance.