Mars Retrograde in Virgo

Honing, fine-tuning, sharpening, filtering. The time of refining situations down to their essential details is almost upon us.

Mars is going retrograde in a couple of days (January 23rd).  Rather than weakening its energy, this reverse motion will intensify things.

As I explained in this post, Mars fires up Virgo's obsession with details. When it retrogrades, it will go back over the ground it covered since it entered this sign in November. It will also hook into a trine with Mercury (Virgo's ruler) in disciplined Capricorn.

Can you picture it? Zealously quadruple-checking facts and figures at the request (Mercury) of your boss (Capricorn). Re-doing that last bit of your new project so it conforms to the rules (Mercury in Capricorn). Doing research on your new love interest to make sure what they told you (Mercury) was legit (Capricorn).

Mars will go direct on April 13th. It will have retraced its steps from 23 to 3 degrees Virgo. If you have planets between these degrees in Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn, Taurus, Gemini or Sagittarius, you'll be in the hot zone. This will be the time to check the fine print, uncover the facts and perfect your routine before you move on to the next stage. This can apply to a job, relationship, diet, exercise routine...just check the area of your chart that Virgo rules. What can all this polishing accomplish? Consider what you can achieve with absolute clarity.

Mars in Virgo was never slacker-friendly. During this retrograde you will really have to watch your step.  If you were sloppy with something since November it will come back to bite you. You will be held accountable (Capricorn). The good news is that straightforward hard work will put you back on track. It's really that simple.