Mercury's Transit of Aries: Inspiration or Immolation?

Mercury moves into excitable Aries on March 2nd and forms an edgy conjunction with Uranus on March 5th. This means brilliant ideas and rapid-fire words. You can come up with innovative solutions or lose your temper and say something you regret. Aries is about instinct and Uranus dishes out clarity. Together they can inspire or immolate.

It will be time for truth. With these influences there will be no where to hide and no patience for subtleties. The area of your chart where Aries sits is being stirred up by Uranus. Mercury's entrance will give you a chance to communicate what's happening.

You can:

  • Tell someone what you really think
  • Solve a problem with one burst of insight
  • Create a bold new plan to follow the path that Uranus has started blazing for you

Do I need to say this? Use caution. This is a volatile mix of influences and not everyone will appreciate the truth. Check your motivations; are you trying to clarify an issue or shock someone? You may have some illumination handed to you so be prepared for that...revelations are not always pleasant. But you will know exactly where you stand after the message is delivered.

Having said that, if you need to speak or sign try to do it before March 12th when Mercury goes retrograde. It will be moving in reverse until April 4th which means delays, miscommunications and glitches. Get your ideas out there before March 12th and you'll have the retrograde period to fine-tune things. Use it as a chance to catch your breath.

Mercury will remain in Aries until May 9th.