Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius: Faith and Fire

There's a Full Moon Lunar eclipse coming up on June 4th at 14 degrees Sagittarius. This will be Stop#2 along the Karmic Expressway, also known as Venus Retrograde in Gemini. Stop#1 (the New Moon Eclipse in Gemini) was covered here.

Lunar Eclipses are culminations. For many, they are a direct result/conclusion of what began during the previous New Moon eclipse.  This Full Moon will be in big-picture Sagittarius. So that takes us from the literal ideas of Gemini to the faith and optimism of Sagittarius. What you started out knowing will now expand into belief. What you started out learning can be taught to others.  Inconsequential meetings, conversations and messages will be shown to have a far greater impact than you imagined.

How might the Lunar Eclipse manifest?

  • An involvement that started around the New Moon eclipse will either end or expand into a whole new level
  • Ideas about improving/re-vamping self-esteem or finances can take flight and expand into something that you actually practice
  • Your faith in someone will be proven true or false

This eclipse will be about what has happened on the small scale (so far) and seeing it spread out. This will be much like fire spreading across a field. For some, there will be enough fuel to keep it burning bigger and brighter. They'll get a positive confirmation of something they hoped would take off.  For others, the fire will not have enough fuel to spread and it will die. These people will get a confirmation as well, only it will be that their faith/hope/optimism was misplaced.

Those with planets/angles around 14 degrees Sagittarius/Gemini will feel this eclipse most strongly.