Heavy Choices With A Silver Lining: Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini

The Full Moon eclipse on November 28th (at 6 degrees Gemini) will be a complicated mash of influences.

Gemini is about choices. But the Moon will be forming a restrictive inconjunct with Venus/Saturn in Scorpio, and Mars/Pluto in Capricorn. Realities involving love and money (Venus/Saturn) will govern decisions. So will the desire for control (Mars/Pluto).

Two inconjuncts like this form a fated aspect (called a Yod). All that Saturn control and Pluto power will be funnelled into the Full Moon. Decisions will not only be final, they'll be laced with do or die seriousness. Take that eclipse turning point, and crank it up. You may feel like your choice is so critical, or a revelation (Gemini is also about communication) is so blunt, that there will be no choice. At all.

Before you get worried, remember that the Moon will be opposing the Sun in optimistic Sagittarius. And Jupiter (Sag's ruler) will be nearby at 11 degrees Gemini.  So you'll have that protective, hopeful Sag/Jupiter energy mixed in. No matter how gritty your choices are, there will be a light on the horizon. No matter what you learn, it will be a good thingJupiter/Sag is about moving forward, keeping the faith and expanding. It promises something more for those who look up. So during this eclipse, open your eyes and see what's sparkling on the horizon.

Those with planets between 6-8 degrees Gemini, Sagittarius, Scorpio or Capricorn will be impacted the most.