Mars in Capricorn Squares Uranus and Meets Pluto

Mars in Capricorn is getting ready for battle.

On November 23rd, he'll be shoved (quite rudely) by a square from Uranus at 4 degrees  Aries. You could experience the same thing; an in-your-face challenge to what you've been initiating (especially if you started around the time Mars entered Capricorn). This could manifest as an external disruption or an internal realization (depending on where Capricorn and Aries are in your chart).

It will be upsetting either way, and the theme will be similar: kicking against the structures you are attempting to build. Or, you may be the one who's doing the kicking. Only you'll know if the challenges are legit. 

  • If you're being challenged, are you sure that what you're defending doesn't need revising (Uranus)? It's ok to fight (Mars) for what you've established (Capricorn). But there's a difference between being determined and being rigid.
  • If you're doing the challenging, are you sure that you're not just hammering away at something because it's there? Rebellion (Uranus) with no purpose is just wasted energy. But if you truly need to fight the establishment, go for it.

After this initial dust-up, Mars will meet Pluto at 8 degrees Capricorn on November 27th.  Uranus' challenges were obvious; Pluto's confrontations will be covert. Pluto is about what's underneath, and Mars is an activator. Actions (Mars) will be based on subconscious issues (Pluto), and what you see will only be the tip of the iceberg. 

What happens will be a reaction to the Mars/Uranus square. You may be driven by half-understood impulses, or others will be. People will want total control (Pluto), but if you attempt to work with what's on the surface, you'll lose. Because what's obvious will not be the real story. Make an effort to understand what's really driving you (or others). Hint: it will involve the major changes Pluto has been stirring up in your chart since it entered Capricorn (2008).

Mars is within orb of Uranus, so you may be feeling this already. It will be a bumpy ride, so keep the big picture in mind. What parts of your life are Pluto and Uranus transforming? This Mars transit will be an accelerator. Use these next few days to gain some serious ground on the transformations.

If you have planets between 3-8 degrees Capricorn or Aries, you'll be in the middle of this battle.