Scorpio Deadline: Mercury Goes Direct and Venus Meets Saturn

Mercury retrograde has given you time to reconsider, revisit and investigate. But time's almost up, because on November 26th, Mercury goes direct at 18 degrees Scorpio. On the same day, Venus meets Saturn at 6 degrees Scorpio.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio has been digging underneath, looking for the truth behind the words. You may have been questioning motivations, or have been questioned yourself. Perhaps you've been mired in secretive details, or sorting through the mental equivalent of papers in the basement. Mercury direct will show you that it's time to move forward. Venus' meeting with Saturn suggests that you may not like what you've discovered, but you'll know it's the truth. And there will be no mistaking which way you should go, or which action you should take. Saturn narrows the focus to one option (which can feel like no options) and Mercury direct will put an end to all delays.

Venus conjunct Saturn doesn't always mean "No", but it does mean "This is what you've got, now deal with it". You may learn the truth about a new or existing love interest. Will you still be up for commitment? Saturn in Scorpio is as serious as they come, so don't give your answer lightly. Some of you will have no choice; if a relationship ends, move on (Mercury direct will insist that you do).

All Venus issues (love, self-esteem, values, finances) will enter Saturn's squeeze box. There will only be room for essentials. This means strategic finances (hello budget), focused personal power (or a confrontation that shows where it's lacking) and relationships that are meant to go all the way. Anything/anyone less will be cut from your life. Venus is already within orb of Saturn, so you may be feeling the squeeze right now.

If you have planets between 5-6 or 17-18 degrees Scorpio/Taurus, get ready to focus.