The Great Leap: New Moon in Sagittarius

There's a gung-ho New Moon on December 13th (at 21 degrees Sagittarius). On the same day, Uranus will go direct in Aries. That's a ton of forward moving energy in the Fire signs.

Sagittarius is open to almost anything (except restrictions). It's the sign of exploration. Uranus in Aries is about sudden new beginnings and the drive for independence. It's been retrograde since July 13th, which slowed down (but intensified) existing developments. Its direct motion, combined with this adventurous New Moon, will be like jumping on the gas pedal again.

This New Moon in Sag will be the time to set new intentions (start something new or decide you're going to ___ from now on). Not just any new intentions, but ones that say "I'm open to this idea/person/goal even though it's/they're outside my experience". The fuel will be Uranus in Aries. There's room for risk. Feels a bit giddy, because who knows what might happen? For some of you, an unscheduled fresh start may barge its way into your life, ready or not. Guess what? You are ready (even if you don't think so).

Overall, the feeling is rambunctious and positive. It's the big dog with muddy paws who's happy to see you. To make the best use of this energy, look at the houses in your chart with Aries and Sagittarius. Those are the areas where you can take a leap of faith. The results won't be 100% guaranteed, but if you keep the following in mind you should see positive outcomes:

  • Focus on what's unexplored, uplifting, exciting and hopeful
  • Accept the wildcard vibe; you won't be able to anticipate the results
  • Any action or intention that's about controlling another person will backfire. Severely.

If you have planets between 20-21 degrees Sagittarius or 3-5 degrees Aries, you'll feel this New Moon strongly.