An Unblinking Look at the Darkness: Mercury's Transit of Scorpio

Mercury (communication and thoughts) dives into Scorpio on September 29th. Scorpio demands raw honesty, so you may go deep (or at least deeper) in your conversations.

Others may push you to reveal more. Scorpio is the sign of the detective, and Mercury turns into the researcher (or stalker) in this sign. People will want to know. They won't be satisfied until they get to the core. Great for fruitful self-analysis and meaningful discussions. Not so great for getting stuck on one idea/fear.

And you know what else? Mercury will retrograde (reverse) at 18 degrees Scorpio on October 21st. Mercury retrograde is introspective, but when it's in Scorpio...well, how deep can you go? You'll have a chance to find out! Get ready to plumb the psychological depths and explore some juicy secrets. Any thoughts/ideas that are taboo, hidden, repressed will be unearthed during this Mercury Rx period.

Yes, it will be uncomfortable. But when swimming in Scorpio waters, the way to deal is just dive. Go deep, be honest, look at everything. Nothing is too dirty when you're in Scorpio season. For some, it may be downright scary, as Shadow stuff/repressed trauma comes bubbling up. This is when you need to know that Mercury Rx's purpose is to get to the root of that old darkness, and finally exorcise it.

The caution: it will be easy to get obsessed with one idea (especially during the Mercury Rx period). Going over and over and over that single thought. Try to catch yourself if you do this, and remember that Scorpio is the sign of evolution. You go deep as you can possibly go...then you rise up and move forward. Scorpio needs to experience something fully, but you must recognize when that experience has decayed. Going over something (in your mind) that's dead (a relationship, fear, hatred) is a trap. How do you know when it's dead? If thinking about it/them makes you feel tired. Time to move on, because the dead are sucking the life out of you!

Fortunately, Mercury in Scorpio starts out on a grace note with a trine to Neptune (at 3 degrees Pisces) from September 29th to October 1st. This is a gentle way to slide into Scorpio's deep waters; Neptune softens the mood with compassion, empathy and magic. If you're nervous about saying something intimate, or hearing the truth, these few days will provide a cushion. This is also a lovely influence for some swooningly romantic, deeply erotic words.

Mercury's retrograde period will end on November 10th, at 2 degrees Scorpio. It will exit Scorpio on December 4th. It will pass over Saturn and the North Node, but I'll write about these aspects closer to the time they occur.