Hardcore Venus: Transiting Venus Enters Scorpio

Venus (love, money, self-esteem) enters deep, dark Scorpio on the evening of September 10th/early hours of September 11th (depending on your time zone).

People equate Venus in Scorpio with jealousy, obsession and magnetic attraction. It all goes back to Scorpio's ultimate goal, which is security through absolute knowledge (whether it's about sex or finances). Sounds dry for such a passionate sign.

Think about it; Scorpio must know you (or whatever subject fascinates it), inside and out. Hence its magnetic qualities. It draws you in (it doesn't have to pursue) so it can get close (nakedly close) and penetrate to the core. Once it knows, it feels safe and in control. When that control gets twisted (Shadow Scorpio) it turns into jealousy or obsession.

Venus in Scorpio is all or nothing. Relationships that have depth, self-esteem that is rooted in absolute certainty, cunning management of finances. It's not just love, money or self-esteem, it's those themes taken to their extremes. Things matter when Venus is in Scorpio. There's a whiff of danger, but it's really just that Scorpio potential to burn a relationship/situation to the ground in order to achieve the Big Transformation. Scorpio must evolve; stagnation is not acceptable. The destructive energy that some people encounter is the Scorpio urge to push things to their natural conclusion, and see what's on the other side. This is the Scorpio brand of hardcore healing.

Heavy stuff. You may be challenged, during this transit, to take a Venus themed situation to its limit. Or, someone may do that for you. This is not the time to keep it light. However, it is the time to remind yourself of evolved and Shadow Scorpio:


  • healing
  • fearless
  • totally committed
  • passionate


  • manipulative
  • jealous
  • controlling
  • obsessive
  • vengeful

Basically, if you find yourself trying to compel someone, or you're feeling manipulated/coerced, it's Shadow Scorpio. Time to break away.

Fortunately, this transit starts out on a beautiful note, as Venus trines Neptune (at 3 degrees Pisces) until September 14th. Neptune adds a grace note of compassion and transcendence to Scorpio's sometimes ruthless energy. Here's the potential to manifest a dream, or heal someone (yourself included) as long as you follow the Scorpio rule: absolute, fearless dedication.

Dive in.

Venus will be in Scorpio until October 7th. She'll be conjuncting Saturn and trining Jupiter, but I'll write about those aspects closer to the dates they occur.