The Grand Cardinal Cross: Brand New

Cardinal Cross  



As promised, here's my dissection of April's Grand Cardinal Cross. Check out this post for introductions, dates and degrees.

What do we know about Cardinal signs? They are initiators; they mark the cusp of an event. Each Cardinal sign heralds a change of season (Libra/Fall Equinox, Aries/Spring Equinox, Cancer/Summer Solstice, Capricorn/Winter Solstice).  Yes, this Cross will be about change (obviously),  but I would expect to see some firsts here as well. We're talking brand new territory.

Uranus in Aries is the wildcard, the unexpected drive for liberation. Squaring Jupiter (expansion) in Cancer, we have an unexpected (possibly overwhelming) emotionally-driven push (no logic). Jupiter in Cancer squares Mars (action) Rx in Libra, and Uranus will oppose Mars. Mars' reversed motion suggests frustrations or inappropriate reactions to the Uranus/Jupiter influence. Being not quite prepared for what's thrown at you. Or, being pushed to reconsider your actions. Mars squares Pluto Rx (power and transformation) in Capricorn. Any contacts between Mars and Pluto can be ruthless, but both are Rx in this configuration. A hidden/passive-aggressive push for power? Pluto opposes Jupiter, and Jupiter will amplify the power/aggression energy (but I still think it will be indirect, or sublimated). And the Uranus/Pluto square (which has been covered in previous posts) will continue with its "out with the old, in with the new" agenda.

The Cross will be exact on April 22nd-23rd,  but if you have planets/points/angles in this Cross' hot zone, you may start to feel it on April 14th, when the Moon conjuncts Mars (in Libra) and Mercury approaches Uranus. This could be a anticipatory ping; an unexpected conversation or surprising message. A hint of what's to come. Pay attention to what you hear/read on this date. Then Mars Rx will inconjunct Venus in Pisces on April 19th (at 14 degrees), suggesting tension between what you want (the dream romance? the beautiful ideal?) and how you go about getting it. Actions (Mars Rx) may misfire, or not be deployed at all. This inconjunct feels like a frustrated suitor, gazing at his dream woman but feeling impotent (maybe she's unavailable, or doesn't know he exists). Either way, Mars Rx is not a good time to launch a full-on pursuit of what looks tempting. Mars Rx also suggests taking another shot at something, but the inconjunct to Venus suggests...not failure, but not success either.

And that tension builds into the Cross, which could shake out in many, many different ways. You need to look at your chart, and what natal points are being activated. But overall, this feels like being confronted with what you can't quite have/achieve, and making a break for new territory because of it. Grand Crosses motivate (I used this word in the previous post) and I think this is the energy to hang your hat on. What's not working in your life? This Cross will be the breaking point, and you'll have to adjust your course. It's a chance to jump, but that jump will be powered by caffeine, sugar, frustration and longing. You can go further and faster than you think is possible, as long as you're aiming for what's fresh.

Will it hurt? Will there be a disaster? Not necessarily. Some folks are predicting fire and brimstone, but you need to keep it in perspective with what's actually happening in your life. The only pain will result from stagnant situations (that you're clinging to) being blown away. Jupiter is part of this Cross, and that's a good thing. I know Jupiter is not a guarantee of cushy landings, but it is amplified here. Jupiter brings the happy epilogue, or the "I can see how this worked out for the best" moment.

There's more posts to come about the excitement that is April. Stay tuned.