Transiting Mercury in Taurus and Final Answers

Mercury in Taurus is busy. Despite Taurus' slow moving rep, there's a lot of mental/communicative action happening.

Today (April 30th) Mercury sextiles Jupiter (expansion) at 14 degrees Cancer. Mercury in Taurus is stubborn, and the sextile to Jupiter feels like encouragement for this stubbornness. Good reasons to stick with what you believe. Faith in what you know.

On May 1st, Mercury will sextile Chiron (Wounded Healer) at 16 degrees Pisces. To me, this says solid ideas on how to heal. The trine between Chiron and Jupiter is active now, and Mercury's contribution will be simple solutions or reassuring conversations. Nothing mind blowing, just common sense.

From May 1st to May 2nd, Mercury will oppose Saturn Rx at 20 degrees Scorpio. Saturn is limits, and when it opposes Mercury, it can mean a definitive "NO" with no wiggle room (Taurus/Scorpio are Fixed signs). As much as you'll be stuck on an idea, someone else (someone with authority) will be equally stuck on why it won't happen. Or, maybe you'll be the one saying no. Or...your ideas will be challenged by your own fears/limits.

There won't be much room to argue. Note that an opposition is also a culmination (an ending) and it will be obvious what the answer is. Saturn Rx in Scorpio gets its power from a bedrock level that's deeper than the Taurus earth that Mercury is sitting in; boundaries and limits will be the response to the question Mercury is asking. Mercury's question may be straightforward, but the Saturn/Scorpio answer will be darker/more intense/more involved than expected.

This energy is excellent if you want a a solid response (and you can handle the response), but not so great if you're pinging someone with new ideas. This isn't the time to enchant people with your innovative flare.

The plus side of this is that Saturn Rx will focus you on what needs to be addressed. Whether you're on the Saturn or Mercury side of the discussion, the issue will be unavoidable. Maybe you already know what it is, but maybe you've been distracted. May 1st to 2nd will forcefully adjust your focus. Pay attention.

If you have natal/progressed planets, angles or Nodes from 14-16 degrees Pisces, Cancer or Taurus, you'll feel the sextiles to Mercury most strongly. If you have anything from 18 to 20 degrees of the Fixed signs, you'll feel the Mercury/Saturn opposition.