Horoscopes for June 22nd to June 29th

  Painting by Frederick Lord Leighton


Venus (love, money, self-esteem) enters communicative Gemini on June 23rd. Gemini is the sign of multiples, so this suggests more/sweeter options for negotiations, conversations and the gathering of information. Get the most out of this transit by keeping it light and staying open to Plan B (or C). Remember that Mercury is Rx in Gemini until July 1st; some options may pop up so they can finally be put to rest. Too, Mercury Rx and Venus can signal prime time to ask/negotiate/offer one more time (the results could be in your favour). Venus in Gemini says there’s always another approach or solution. Romantically, this transit is light and fun, but not always focused on the long-term. Venus will be in Gemini until July 18th. On June 27th, the New Moon at 5 degrees Cancer forms a harmonious trine with Neptune Rx at 7 degrees Pisces. New beginnings will be enabled  by Neptune’s hope, idealism, creativity or empathy. This is a gentle, healing New Moon (Cancer is about home, family, the past, nurturing and needs). Neptune also opens things up by dissolving limits, so this start has the potential to keep growing. Because of Neptune’s Rx motion, there is a suggestion that a particular issue or hope (that’s been delayed or avoided) may be targeted.


Venus enters your communication sector, increasing your range of desirable choices. The messages you put out should be well received, and/or you could be the recipient of flirtatious contacts/discussions or a fun piece of news. Remember that Mercury is Rx in this sector, so watch for contacts from the past. Renegotiations are especially favoured. The New Moon in your domestic sector trines Neptune Rx in your hidden sector, suggesting that new developments at home/with family will involve more underneath the surface. What’s hinted at will be especially important. This energy supports a warm flow of compassion and empathy between you and those closest to you.

  • Attract positive developments through: email, texts, phone calls, light discussions, brief meetings, conversations with siblings, willingness to renegotiate
  • New beginnings: home renovations, relocations, family developments, home businesses, birth of a child, a new chapter in childhood issues


Venus (your ruler) enters your security sector, boosting your bargaining power in financial and emotional matters. Is there something you need? Speak up, because you’ve got charm and persuasion on your side. Venus can also present you with more than one way to support yourself or work things out with your partner. Discussions around a pay raise can by supported by Mercury Rx in this sector; you may get another chance to state your case.  The New Moon in your communication sector trines Neptune Rx in your social sector. New ideas, important discussions or writing projects will be fuelled by idealism and your hopes for the future (or a better world). This could be the time to reach out to the public and launch an appeal (as long as the angle is compassionate/healing rather than self-serving).

  • Attract what you need through: discussions about a pay raise, announcements about raising your prices, options for alternate sources of income, flexible discussions with a partner
  • New beginnings: conversations, emails, meetings, phone calls, issues with siblings, writing, public speaking


Venus in your sign accentuates your flirtatious charm, bringing you multiple opportunities for fun and lighthearted connections. You’ll have more than your share of romantic (or at least flattering) moments. This is an excellent influence to meet a romantic interest, or simply get out and socialize. All social relationships are improved, and Mercury Rx in your sign increases the chances of a past, romantic attraction popping into your life. Remember that Mercury Rx is the time to review or wrap up loose ends, but not necessarily the time to reignite anything. The New Moon in your security sector trines Neptune Rx in your career sector, suggesting a new financial or emotional development will meet some of your future ideals. The start of a dream job can blend idealism with the potential for financial security, while relationship developments can line up with your big picture hopes. This is just a beginning (nothing is carved in stone) but it looks promising.

  • Attract what you want by: being yourself (witty, curious, open, flexible, communicative)
  • New beginnings: a pay raise, new job, fruitful new career direction, money through creative/spiritual endeavours, emotional security


Venus enters your hidden sector, drawing your attention to intriguing secrets and background potentials. It looks tempting, but there’s more information to come. Or, you’re not ready to let the world in on your secret. Now is the time to consider your options, but don’t announce anything just yet. Mercury Rx in this sector has been urging you to pay attention to what’s not obvious, and Venus’ energy can make that easier/more palatable.  The New Moon in your sign trines Neptune Rx in your sector of opportunities. A new development involving long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing could be in the works, as your new chapter/project has the potential to propel you forward. There’s tons of room to expand with this one, so dive in.

  • Attract what you want through: secrets, hints, paying attention to your intuition, not discussing what you suspect, holding back, not being obvious
  • New beginnings: career or relationships, life chapter, public identity, exploration


Venus in your social sector increases the variety of all social contacts (platonic or romantic) while putting you in a favourable light. This influence does not favour serious romance, but it is excellent for enhanced social/group relationships overall. Also great for public promotions, public speaking or joining groups. Mercury Rx in this sector may bring a past attraction into the mix, or see you reconnecting with old friends. The New Moon in your hidden sector trines Neptune Rx in your sector of shared resources. New developments are private, secret or involve a subtle shift in your approach to intimacy, psychological issues or finances.

  • Attract what you want through: friends, groups, getting out and socializing, promoting yourself
  • New beginnings: private awareness around shared finances (debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances) or physical/emotional intimacy


Venus enters your career sector, bringing you more than one career idea, job offer or shot at promoting yourself. Mercury Rx in this sector suggests that some opportunities may be reruns, but take a look at them anyway. Networking is strongly emphasized, and relationships with management are enhanced. The New Moon in your social sector trines Neptune Rx in your partnership sector. A social endeavour or connection can feed into your relationship ideals, or broadening your horizons can give an existing partnership room to breath. All social connections are enhanced, and a friendship may blend into romance.

  • Attract what you want through: job searches, networking, conversations with management, promoting your business, revisiting past job contacts
  • New beginnings: friends, groups, social ideals, room for a relationship to grow


Venus (your ruler) enters your opportunities sector, helping you attract what’s unusual or distant. Long-distance romance or exploring courses/interests/ideas are especially favoured. Everything about this influence encourages stepping outside your comfort zone and considering the alternative. Mercury Rx in this sector may draw your attention to an opportunity that you considered in the past.  The New Moon in your career sector trines Neptune in your sector of work/routine. A new job/position, career goal or business launch will be enabled by what you give or let go of, in your daily life. Less structured routines or tasks that involve healing, holistic medicine or creative work can gain focus and purpose through this new chapter. This could also be the moment when a new career goal slides into focus.

  • Attract what you want through: long-distance travel/romance, education, publishing, legal matters, exploration of ideas
  • New beginnings: career, public status, new business launch, adjustment of career goals


Venus enters your sector of shared resources, triggering discussions/new options about finances and intimacy. A sensitive/private subject can be easily broached now, and discussions with a partner are especially favoured. Despite the intense nature of any subjects that may come up, use Venus’ light energy to suggest, rather than insist. When dealing with investments or financial documents, be aware that Mercury is still Rx in this sector. Mercury Rx does support asking questions about information you’ve uncovered. The New Moon in your opportunities sector trines Neptune Rx in your sector of self-expression. New beginnings in the areas of long-distance travel, education, publishing or legal matters will get a creative/idealistic boost as you see a dream take shape. This could be something you’ve always hoped for, and while it’s still in the early stages, the door is definitely open. Walk through.

  • Attract what you want through: research, questions or conversations about debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • New beginnings: unexplored territory, reaching a wider audience, broadening your reach/perspective


Venus enters your relationship sector, introducing flirtatious contacts or sweetening an existing relationship. Attached Sags can use Venus’ energy to renegotiate with a partner (keeping in mind that Mercury is Rx in this sector) or explore multiple ways of approaching the same issue. Single Sags may encounter a new attraction, but be aware that Mercury Rx may bring overtones/thoughts of a past relationship. Stay clear on what’s departed and what’s new. If anything new begins around this time, it may not have staying power, but it can reaffirm your belief in your powers of attraction. The New Moon in your sector of shared resources trines Neptune Rx in your domestic sector, suggesting a shift in financial issues (especially involving domestic expenses) or shared boundaries. Some Sags may experience this as a new window to the future as they finally release the past. This influence can be deeply healing for psychological or sexual matters.

  • Attract what you want through: open-minded conversations and exchanges of information, willingness to renegotiate, curious exploration with no attachment to outcomes
  • New beginnings: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, mortgage/rental payments, physical/emotional intimacy


Venus enters your sector of work and routine, adding ease and pleasant solutions to work tasks, duties and obligations. Co-worker relationships should proceed smoothly and health issues can see improvement with alternate solutions/diagnoses. In general, you’ll discover more than one way to approach what needs to be done, and the flow of day to day life should improve. Mercury Rx’s influence suggests asking that question (one more time) or tackling that problem (again) can finally bring results. The New Moon in your partnership sector trines Neptune Rx in your communication sector, suggesting a new relationship (for single Capricorns). It may have a dreamy, too-good-to-be-true feel to it; don’t question, just take it one day at a time and enjoy. If no one new appears, you may simply experience this as a hopeful chapter where you release old grudges/fears. Attached Capricorns can start an emotionally uplifting chapter with their partner that involves increased empathy, communication or apologies. For those wanting to bury the hatchet, this is an excellent time to reach out.

  • Attract what you want through: considering alternatives to daily problems/work tasks/duties, gathering more information about health/diet/exercise issues
  • New beginnings: partnerships, attitude to relationships


Venus enters your sector of self-expression, giving you a shot of fun, flirtations or creative inspiration. Whether you’re out socializing or working on a creative project, this energy can introduce many opportunities/information/contacts. A  romance that begins around this time has no guarantees attached to it, but it will certainly be fun. Mercury Rx in this sector suggests that some Aquarians may encounter a past, romantic attraction. In general , this is an excellent time to get attention and appreciation for who you are or what you create. The New Moon in your sector of routine trines Neptune Rx in your security sector, aligning a new chapter in work tasks or health with your newly emerging sense of what you need. A release of old, limiting security habits may be part of this as you embrace a more holistic/creative/laid-back approach. This energy supports new health habits, increased self-nurturing and a release of guilt induced obligations.

  • Attract what you want through: socializing, flirting, writing, creating
  • New beginnings: co-worker relationships, duties, obligations, tasks, health, diet, exercise


Venus enters your domestic sector, adding harmony to family discussions or mortgage/rental negotiations. This energy also supports family get togethers and celebrations at home, or improvements to a home business. Mercury Rx in this sector puts the emphasis on reconnecting with those from the past, or renegotiating property/financial documents. If the past is revisited, use a light touch. The New Moon in your sector of self-expression trines Neptune Rx in your sign, suggesting a promising start to a desired romantic or creative goal. This could be the first step in your dream project, or in fully expressing the new you: honest, authentic and proud of what you have to offer. This energy also supports all matters involving children/pregnancy.

  • Attract what you want through: light family discussions, alternative options in home negotiations, acknowledging but not wallowing in the past
  • New beginnings: creative projects, new romance, children, authentic personal goals