Horoscopes for July 6th to July 13th


July 12th’s dynamic Full Moon in Capricorn will dominate the week. The energy of New/Full Moons can extend up to one week in advance and a day after. Capricorn represents tradition, authority, status, boundaries, structure, responsibility and commitment, so the Full Moon culmination will involve these themes. However, this Moon will also be squaring the line up of Ceres (nurturing), Mars (action), Vesta (devotion) and the North Node (path forward) in Libra. All this energy in Libra suggests initiation (Mars) of what moves you forward (North Node). Ceres and Vesta push for added dedication to the cause. But the square to the Moon suggests dynamic tension that will simultaneously activate the next step, while making you aware of what you need to leave behind. Mars square a Full Moon can be edgy, emotional and driven, but the Libra North Node is a call to keep it cool and harmonious. Yes, even though Mars rules the Aries South Node (what’s being released). When South Node energy interfaces with the North Node, focus on the positive use of that energy; Mars can be the engine that gives your North Node efforts an extra push. Venus (the North Node ruler) in Gemini (multiple ideas) will be enabling the North Node agenda with a harmonious trine. Even as you push forward, think in terms of flexible exchanges of information, or being open to more than one option.


The Full Moon in your career sector squares Mars (your ruler)/Ceres/Vesta/North Node in your relationship sector. What you’ve been putting out there (in terms of status, success and career ambition) will be challenged by your relationship ambitions (or your partner’s ambitions). There’s no doubt that devoting some of your energy to a partnership (or desire for a partnership) is productive for you. Not putting yourself first can feel uncomfortable, but you need to learn the steps of this dance. Venus in your communication sector emphasizes the need for harmonious words and flexible ideas; express yourself with grace and you’ll enable partnership support/cooperation. As you’re confronted with tensions between authority and compromise, consider how the discomfort can fuel your forward momentum in both areas. This applies to business and romantic partnerships.

  • Culminations: career endings or beginnings, a change in public authority/status, new future goals
  • Encourage this energy: compromise, consider your partner’s goals, view your career changes in light of how they impact your partner, honour your partner’s ambitions, choose subtle over blunt


The Full Moon in your opportunities sector squares Mars/Ceres/Vesta/North Node in your sector of routine. A move to branch out/travel/explore, or a graduation/official conclusion willpush against your day to day obligations or health issues. Your care and focus is demanded for another, for your physical/mental well being, or around co-worker issues. But the Full Moon will be pulling you towards distant goals. How can you reach further while continuing to honour your commitments? In this case, you may have to release something bigger in order to keep powering forward in your daily life. Details first, big picture second. However, know that your attention to mundane issues can also drive your achievements in bigger areas. You don’t have to sacrifice, but you do need to keep working from the ground up. Venus (your ruler) in your security sector suggests that being open to more than one option (regarding needs/finances) will keep things flowing, just as attention to details/obligations can give you an emotional/financial boost.

  • Culminations: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, graduation, results of a court case
  • Encourage this energy: health (especially food issues), exercise, obligations, service to others, tasks, duties, daily routines, multiple ideas/choices about what you need to feel secure


The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources squares Mars/Ceres/Vesta/North Node in your sector of self-expression. Issues around money and/or intimacy will reach a turning point. What you share, what you owe and how much you can afford may be on the agenda (these themes can apply to finances or emotions). The challenge will centre around your own desires to create or further a personal goal. This could take the form of a passionate new romance that feels out of control, jealousy (yours or your partner’s) over divided attentions, or a financial shortfall regarding what you want. Whatever happens, know that your path forward involves devoting yourself to your special purpose (what you want is legitimate) while still maintaining balance. Dedication is what you’re after, not obsession or crazy risks. Venus in your sign lends support by boosting your charm, wit and light approach; just do what you do best. It’s possible that you’ll have to shift your approach to getting what you want. Fertility issues are especially emphasized.

  • Culminations: debts, taxes, loans, inheritances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Encourage this energy: balanced personal/creative goals, self-actualization, children, pregnancy, sharing your special talent with others, awareness of how others perceive you


The Full Moon in your partnership sector squares Mars/Ceres/Vesta/North Node in your domestic sector. A partnership issue will come to an emotional peak, and it will involve dedication to home/family issues. Balance between relationship dynamics and family disagreements, the health of a family member or relocation issues may be the turning point. An anniversary or marriage may be featured, but the interplay of past/family dynamics will demand integration into the present moment. As you move forward, consider how crucial your home base is, and how you can continue to expand on what’s being nurtured there. As always, keep the North Node energy in mind: compromise, balance, give and take. Everyone has their own version of the story. Venus in your hidden sector can enable smoother domestic relationships/transitions if you tune into secret, unacknowledged or overlooked developments. Consider what’s not being openly discussed in your family.

  • Culminations: partnerships (business or romantic)
  • Encourage this energy: a home business, dealing with the past in light of the present, initiating changes and making family members part of the process (relocation, new routines), achieving balance with your children as they leave home or move back in, attention to hidden matters


The Full Moon in your sector of routine squares Mars/Ceres/Vesta/North Node in your sector of communication. Watch for a tipping point in a work or health scenario, where results are fired up by challenging ideas/conversations/information. You may be pushed to give up a habit that’s impacting your health, or there may be an ending involving co-workers or duties. Arguments may be part of this Moon and you’ll be tempted to shut down, but remember thatthe North Node (with Vesta and Ceres) are insisting that you keep your cool and focus on compromise and harmonious communication. Venus in your social sector lends a hand with support or welcoming energy from friends, groups or the public in general. If you have a work/health agenda that you want to push forward, you’ll have a better shot at success if you use persuasion rather than a hammer. Also, you’ll have allies to help you out, if you ask nicely.

  • Culmination: co-worker relationships, tasks, duties, obligations, health issues, diagnoses
  • Encourage this energy: gently persuasive discussions, polite reactions, open communication, reaching out to others


The Full Moon in your sector of self-expression brings you to a tipping point regarding a creative project, new romance, personal desire or need to put yourself forward in the best light possible. The square to Mars/Ceres/Vesta/North Node in your security sector may cause some anxiety around financial/emotional security (do you have what it takes, will it cost you too much) but you can use the tension to push you past your fears. There is an added emphasis on your self-preservation, so that should come first. And Venus carries the North Node theme into your career sector, suggesting that putting yourself first will enhance your future goals/status/position on the job. The real question is; how can you achieve recognition while still honouring your core values? Is what you’re trying to create worth it? The Libra/Venus emphasis also suggests that you don’t have to go it alone; others recognize what you’re doing and what you’re capable of. Those in authority can help.

  • Culmination: creativity, pride, success, recognition, new romance, children, pregnancy
  • Encourage this energy: self-esteem, positive expectations of what you’re worth, initiating balance in your life that favours your security, help from those in authority


The Full Moon in your domestic sector squares Mars/Ceres/Vesta/North Node in your sign. A relocation, results of a family issue, someone leaving or moving in are all possibilities, but you’re liable to feel a bit rattled by developments. Remember that the line up of energy in your sign is a call to respond from a new place; your self-image, and courage are growing. Also, heed the call to nurture (Ceres) yourself. Vesta in your sign clearly spells out the theme of “devotion to self.” What ever changes occur at home, respond from this new place of confidence and know that ultimately it’s all part of your path forward. Venus (your ruler) in your sector of opportunities says that you’ll be enabled if you reach out to someone from a distance or explore new areas (education, travel, legal matters, publishing).

  • Culmination: home, family, relocation, mortgage/rental issues, home business, drawing a line under the past
  • Encourage this energy: courage, self-acceptance, self-care, devotion to your cause, reaching further because you know you can


The Full Moon in your communication sector squares Mars/Ceres/Vesta/North Node in your hidden sector. A final agreement, document signing, official statement or decision will stir up (or be driven by) what’s between the lines. There may be more to the story, and it will be to your benefit if you pay attention to hints, gossip or your gut feeling. Alternatively, what you suspect may cause seem friction with what’s being said or written on the surface. Honour what’s unspoken, even as you follow the official program. Venus in your sector of shared resources increases the emphasis on undercover or intimate information; don’t be afraid to have “that” conversation with a partner, or with someone who’s offering assistance (because there is potential for assistance, whether it be financial or emotional). This could also be a case of external conversations or information triggering a deeper of awareness of what you really want.

  • Culminations: conversations, signed documents, emails, phone calls, final discussions, demands for answers
  • Explore this energy: what’s unspoken, hints, dreams, gut feelings, secrets, going beneath the surface to get to the truth, the quiet voice inside, pushing for what you really desire


The Full Moon in your security sector squares Mars/Ceres/Vesta/North Node in your social sector. Financial or emotional culminations may be driven by social pressure or the recognition that what’s out there can be yours. This Moon could be the tipping point that propels you past a money crunch, or forces you to confront your spending. Your desire for greater personal satisfaction can also be fired up. Use the momentum to keep moving forward, reaching for more and connecting with new people. Social connections are where it’s at for you, so keep promoting, communicating and exploring different perspectives. Venus in your relationship sector suggests that a partner can be an important source of support/inspiration or (for business partnerships) your ticket to a new market. For single Sags, flirtatious socialization is emphasized, as long as you don’t allow resentments/insecurities to weigh you down. For all Sags, consider your one, pressing need, and then take a step back and give it some breathing room. No one can fill that gap except for you.

  • Culminations: what you get paid, what you’re worth, what you need, security, spending/saving
  • Encourage this energy: light social contacts, new groups/friends, initiating new contacts


The Full Moon in your sign squares Mars/Ceres/Vesta/North Node in your career sector. A relationship turning point/commitment/separation is hi-lighted. Your future, your status and ambitions will add texture to the proceedings, as professional and personal energies mix. Watch for a clarification of priorities. The build up of energy in your career sector is urging you to look to the future (rather than the past) but Venus (in your sector of routine and work) adds a gentle nudge to remind you that obligations, daily rituals and health are still part of the package. It may be time to jump forward into the next chapter (with or without your partner) but don’t forget the mundane details that keep it all running smoothly. These energies can suggest a career success/promotion/new job, but watch for tension in your personal life.

  • Culminations: ambitions, public identity/status, your next chapter
  • Encourage this energy: the future, recognition of how details drive the bigger picture, attention to health/stress levels/obligations


The Full Moon in your hidden sector squares Mars/Ceres/Vesta/North Node in your opportunities sector. There could be an illumination of a private/unacknowledged goal, a secret development or unexplored issue. What was in the background will now be in the spotlight, and some of this may be driven by input from new/distant sources. The energy in your opportunities sector is pushing you forward in the areas of long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing or general exploration. But as you cross a certain line, or move further than you ever have, it may trigger that Full Moon illumination. What’s in the background and what’s out there may clash, but there’s a reason something is being exposed. This probably won’t be a surprise; there’s a sensethat this was coming for awhile. Venus in your sector of self-expression is enabling your forward movement/exploration. Whether it’s long distance romance, a creative opportunity or simply the desire to put yourself out there, it’s all systems go. Just remember to balance new developments with what’s culminating or ending; avoid the temptation to ignore the background issues.

  • Culminations: secrets, hidden developments, what’s been unacknowledged/overlooked
  • Encourage this energy: exploration, new opportunities, wider public promotion, going further with what you want


The Full Moon in your social sector squares Mars/Ceres/Vesta/North Node in your sector of shared resources. A social millstone (involving friends/groups/the public) or crystallization of a future potential may stir up deeper/more private issues. Public events (public image/authority/status) could be driven by a surprising hit of competitiveness, jealousy or the desire to push your limits. Whether you reach a finish line or cross into even better territory, your primary focus should be on what you share, how you share and attention to personal boundaries. Intimacy with a partner may be emphasized (taking the relationship deeper) or balancing your financial goals with another. Venus in your domestic sector brings encouragement in the form of family support or a deepening sense of who you are, what your roots are and where you want to be.

  • Culminations: friends, groups, the public, your place in the collective
  • Encourage this energy: compromise with another around debts, taxes, loans, inheritances, joint finances, emotional/physical intimacy