Limits and Expansion, Part 2: Saturn in Sagittarius Squares Neptune in Pisces

This post is ahead of the curve, but I wanted to continue the limits and expansion theme I started here, in Part 1.

After Saturn in Scorpio squares Jupiter in Leo, he'll move on to a square with Neptune in Pisces (when he transits Sagittarius). There will be three squares between Saturn and Neptune throughout 2015 and 2016. As I mentioned in Part 1, Neptune expands because it dissolves limits. Anything and everything might be possible, but the trick is discerning reality from fantasy. Neptune in Pisces (the sign that it rules) is pure fantasy, creativity and transcendence. Saturn in Sagittarius will be the test. How will the expansion stand up against reality? Will you able to transcend the limits of your fears (or scepticism) to achieve that dream? A square from Saturn to Neptune can work both ways: the reality check that pops the growing bubble, or faith/vision that dissolves paralysis.

It won't be easy (faith never is). A Saturn/Neptune square often amounts to disappointment as the vision shrinks. That's Saturn acting as dehydrator. Saturn's entire transit of Sagittarius (I'll write more about it as the time approaches) will be about finding proof behind the promise. Focusing the Big Vision and dragging it into the present. Here's an introductory article.

That focus and search for proof will cause tension with whatever Neptune has been loosening up in Pisces (in your chart). Neptune can be so subtle that you may not even be aware of what's it's been doing, until it gets hit by the Saturn square. Suddenly, the dream/hope will come into focus, along with a bitter hit of restriction. Gone before you even knew you wanted it. Impossible for ___ to happen.

Or maybe....?

Whether you end up disappointed or transcending limits depends on your chart, and the other influences hitting it. While I'd love to say that everyone will be able to make the magic happen, the truth is, some will have a rude awakening. Not everything is possible, and not everything belongs to you. For those indulging in escapism, denial or addiction, this square will be especially harsh. Sometimes Neptune takes you down the wrong path, and Saturn is your course correction.

But for others...this square will be a rare opportunity to confront fears/pessimism and go higher. Saturn can focus the dream and give you traction. That traction will not be pleasant. It will manifest as a lack of something essential. But the discomfort will push you to do something. Sometimes the Neptune vision needs limits so you can wrap your mind around it.

Here are the dates/degrees for the three squares:

  • November 26, 2015: 7 degrees
  • June 17, 2016: 12 degrees (Saturn and Neptune Rx)
  • September 10, 2016: 10 degrees (Neptune Rx)

The squares will be felt roughly 1 month in advance of the exact dates. If you have anything in the Mutable signs around these degrees (check the Astrology FAQ section to see what orbs I use) you'll feel these influences most strongly.