The Lucky Shot: Jupiter in Leo Trines Uranus Rx in Aries

Jupiter (optimism) in Leo is gearing up for a wide open trine with Uranus Rx (at 15 degrees Aries).

This aspect is not exact until September 25th, but you may start to feel it now. Trines can be passive, but this one has extra zing because it's in the Fire signs and...well...there's Jupiter and Uranus. Uranus' energy of  the unexpected harmonizes beautifully with Jupiter's hope, optimism and opportunity. When Jupiter and Uranus join forces, it's the lucky break. The sudden blessing. The last minute reprieve or the gift that falls into your lap. I usually the bang the "make your own luck" drum, but this is one of those rare aspects where you can do nothing and still get hit over the head with a sparkle stick.

No guarantees, of course. And to get the maximum benefit, you'll want to exploit the potential in Aries and Leo (in your chart). 11 to 15 degrees Leo is where the door is open. Jupiter has created an opportunity, or more of something. 11 to 15 degrees Aries is where the crazy shot will come from. The development that kicks everything into high gear, and blows the door off its hinges. This is the risk/reward scenario where the reward outweighs the risk (due to the harmony of the trine).

The other thing to note is that Jupiter's expansive view of the horizon blends with Uranus' focus on the future. If there was ever a push forward, this is it, but without the tension that comes from having your foundations ripped out from under you. It's like a golden ticket to the future; all you have to do is take it.

What's the catch? I suppose you could always ignore what this trine hands you. The lack of tension will make it easy to float along with status quo while smiling at the curious development over to your left.

Go big, reach further, roll with the opportunity.  You'll feel this trine most strongly if you have natal/progressed planets, angles or Nodes from 11 to 15 degrees of the Fire signs.