Actions That Tip the Scales: Mars Square the Transiting Nodes

November 15th to 20th gives us a square from Mars (action, initiative, anger) in Capricorn to the transiting Nodes in Libra/Aries (at 18 degrees).

A square to the Nodes is a "skipped step;" an issue that must be dealt with before you can bring the South Node to culmination, and move on to the North Node. Mars rules Aries (where the transiting South Node is) so this puts Aries/Mars issues in the crosshairs. Sometimes this can manifest as a person or event with a "Marsy" feel. Something/someone that pushes you to deal with those transiting Nodes. Mars in Capricorn is focused and ambitious, with no time for fussing, meltdowns or wasted action.

It's time to wrap up the South Node stuff, and it doesn't get more effective than Mars in Capricorn.

  • What actions do you need to adjust/stop/refocus?
  • What have you been putting off, that you need start now?
  • Where do you need to assert yourself more, or less?

The transiting North Node in Libra is what you want to develop, and Venus (Libra's ruler) will be perfecting a square with Neptune on November 20th (the same day the Mars/Nodal square is exact). Two exact squares on the same day mean "Pay attention." The tension of the square is a driver for change. Something is wrong, so fix it. Venus square Neptune will ask you to confront your fantasies (or explore what you've been shying away from) , so you can work with the transiting North Node in Libra. For those of you that need a review, North Node in Libra is about relationships, give and take, balance and awareness of projection. Or, you can check the link at the start of this post.

If you have anything from 15 to 19 degrees of the Cardinal signs, you'll feel the Mars/Nodal square most strongly.