Full Moon in Leo: Feverish Spotlight

Leo Full MoonThe Leo Full Moon on February 3 (at 14 degrees) is a mix of tense and exuberant. Exuberant because it will be in Leo, trining Uranus (at 13 degrees Aries). This culmination will be big, bold and fired up by a shot of Uranian liberation. The feeling is "Do it now, do it loud, do it proud."

The displays will be obvious.

Uranus is the ruler of the Aquarian Sun, adding more weight to the Aquarian side of things (even though the Moon is in Leo). As much as the vibe will be about attention and pride (Leo traits) there will be a more rebellious energy than you usually see with this sign. Endings and results will happen because someone wants to shake loose, reveal or draw attention to something, not because they want to be loved by the masses.

And the Moon will be forming a wide trine to the South Node in Aries, adding even more fuel to your ongoing quest to wrap up those dangling, South Node situations (if you haven't already). Although this Full Moon is not directly connected by degrees to the January 20th Aquarian New Moon, I think it can be viewed as a result of what began on the New Moon.

The tension comes in because this Moon is one point of a boomerang Yod. Pluto (at 14 degrees Capricorn) will inconjunct the Moon, as will the separating conjunction of Chiron and Mars (at 15 and 17 degrees Pisces, respectively). Pluto inconjunct the Moon pits  power/authority against the need to go public, creating an almost obsessive need to stand out (Pluto always intensifies what it touches).  Mars/Chiron inconjunct the Moon pits freshly skinned feelings (triggered by Mars) against the need to stand out, making it all feel very raw and risky. Something will be forced into the spotlight.

The tension of two inconjuncts (which link together incompatible energies) places all that pressure on the Moon: stand up and grab attention, even if it hurts, even if the larger forces are massing against you. Since this is a boomerang, the tension bounces off the Moon, back to the Sun. Aquarius is the release: standing apart from the crowd/the rules/the limits.

Jupiter Rx will close by (at 18 degrees) although technically too far from the Moon to be conjunct. But I think we may still feel its input, if only as an amplifier. Jupiter expands everything, making this Moon's aim to go public even more feverish.

If you have natal/progressed angles, planets or Nodes from 13 to 16 degrees of the Fixed signs, you'll feel this Moon most strongly. If you have anything from 13 to 17 degrees Capricorn or Pisces, or 12 to 15 degrees Aries/Sag (but nothing around those degrees of the Fixed signs) you'll still be hooked into this Moon's energy, although not as directly.