The Jupiter/Uranus Trine: Grace or Gasoline?

  Jupiter Uranus Trine

While we have Mars and Venus activating the Nodes and Uranus/Pluto, Uranus (at 14 degrees Aries) is building to a trine with Jupiter Rx in Leo (exact on March 3rd). This manifested before (when Jupiter was direct and Uranus was Rx) on September 25th, 2014. Think back to that date: anything happen? No?

Maybe nothing will happen again. Or maybe something will. Jupiter promises much, but doesn't always deliver. Then again, sometimes what's delivered is more (Jupiter's speciality) of what you don't want. But generally, Jupiter/Uranus fuse expansion with chance, which can create unexpected opportunity. If you're tuned into it.

On March 4th, Venus will join the trine as she conjuncts Uranus in Aries, which should help you out if you're having a rough go with her square to Pluto. Her trine to Jupiter Rx can enable a silver lining or escape. No matter how much she gets rattled with Uranus and Pluto, Jupiter (via the Leo section of your chart) should ease the transition, although feelings may become inflamed during the process. And Mars will be passing over the South Node, hammering the last nail into that culminating situation.

Remember that Jupiter is the release point of a Yod (involving Pluto in Capricorn and the Sun in Pisces) which will be peaking around this time (I'll write another post about this, and March 5th's Full Moon). Read this post for an idea of what this Yod is about.

On March 10th, Mars (at 13 degrees Aries) will trine Jupiter Rx. The Jupiter/Uranus trine will be diminishing at this point, but Mars' fire will continue to fuel the connection. Jupiter's energy can work in one of two ways here:

  1. A lucky break if the Mars/Uranus/Pluto energy gets dicey
  2. Gasoline on the already volatile Mars fire

I'd love to say that #1 will play out in all cases, but I've had enough experience with Jupiter to know that sometimes #2 is the outcome. So again, go slow around March 10th to 11th. Especially if you have anything from 12 to 16 degrees Leo, Aries or Capricorn. Jupiter trine Mars/Uranus (square Pluto) can play out as fanatical actions, driven by pride (Leo), masquerading as justification (Jupiter). Or, an explosive push that gets you going in the right direction.

If you have anything from 12 to 16 degrees Sagittarius, you're in line for a Grand Fire Trine as Jupiter and Mars/Uranus hook into your Sag planet/point. That should be really, really nice for you.

To summarize:

  • March 3rd: Jupiter/Uranus trine peaks
  • March 4th: Venus conjuncts Uranus, squares Pluto, trines Jupiter
  • March 4th: Mars passes over the South Node in Aries
  • March 10th: Mars trines Jupiter
  • March 11th: March conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto