Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

Mercury enters Gemini on April 30th. Normally, this transit would feature a brisk turnover of news and choices. Mercury rules this sign, and delights in juggling fresh, snappy information. No one says it sharper, faster and more convincingly than Mercury in Gemini.

But as I mentioned here, Mercury will be immediately confronted by an opposition to Saturn Rx (at 3 degrees Sagittarius) from April 30th to May 3rd (the day of the Full Moon). Communication will get bogged down (in red tape/rules/restrictions). Mercury will then zip ahead until May 18th, when he stations Rx at 13 degrees. This Mercury Rx will compel you to dig beneath Gemini's surface; check if any of those new and fascinating bits of intel have substance. Check and recheck the facts (Mercury in Gemini can be glib with the truth). Nail down the shifting opinions.

Confirm the classification. One area that Gemini excels in is classification. Everything and everyone is a certain type (according to this sign). Those online quizzes (what Disney character/ice cream flavour/animal are you) are pure Gemini. People love quick shots of classification, because they provide order. But if you assign someone to the wrong slot, or define a situation incorrectly, it can seriously skew your perception. Mercury Rx will be the time to double check your categories and make sure that you haven't labeled something/someone incorrectly. And as usual with Mercury Rx, watch for contacts from the past, delays and miscommunications in all things Mercury (computers, emails, phone calls, questions/answers, document signing, plans, etc).

Mercury will station direct at 4 degrees Gemini on June 11th.  4 to 13 degrees of Gemini, and any of the Mutable signs, will be in the zone for this Rx (Mercury will move over that degrees range three times). If you have anything in the Mutables at those degrees, you may end up asking many, many questions (or being asked questions). There will be a ton of information to sift through, and much of it will be distracting. How fortunate that you'll have the Mercury/Saturn opposition to prepare you, by honing your focus. Think of it  as the deep breath that allows you to ground and centre.

Note that Mercury Rx will backtrack almost to the degree that the Mercury/Saturn opposition perfected at. There's something around 3 to 4 degrees of the Mutable signs that needs serious examination.

Here are the aspects Mercury in Gemini will make:

  • May 3rd: opposes Saturn Rx at 3 deg Sag
  • May 9th: trine the North Node at 9 deg Libra and squares Neptune at 9 deg Pisces
  • May 18th: stations Rx at 13 deg
  • May 27th: conjunct Mars at 10 deg
  • May 29th: square Neptune at 9 deg Pisces
  • May 30th: conjunct Sun at 8 deg
  • May 31st: trine the North Node in Libra at 8 deg
  • June 10th: sextile Venus at 4 deg Leo
  • June 11th: stations direct at 4 deg
  • June 18th: trine the North Node at 6 deg Libra
  • June 23rd: square Neptune Rx at 9 deg Pisces
  • June 28th: inconjunct Pluto Rx at 14 deg Capricorn
  • July 2nd: sextile Uranus at 20 deg Aries
  • July 3rd: squares Chiron Rx at 21 deg Pisces and sextile Jupiter at 22 deg Leo
  • July 5th: sextile Venus at 24 deg Leo
  • July 7th: inconjunct Saturn Rx at 28 deg Scorpio
  • July 8th: enters Cancer

Mercury will square Neptune and trine the Libra North Node three times during this transit, and he will sextile Venus twice. If you have anything around the signs/degrees of those aspects, pay attention: there's a message that's being bolded and underlined for you.

Mercury square Neptune in Pisces: shifting truths, evasive facts, deceit, tempting choices that are best avoided, mixed messages

Mercury trine the Libra North Node: conversations/ideas that point you in the right direction and/or open up new opportunities

Mercury sextile Venus in Leo: words touched with glitter, compliments, gentle flirting, selling your ideas

What to do when Mercury is squaring Neptune and trining the North Node on the same day? Pay attention to the areas of your chart that are being hit. Pisces is where things are foggy (wishful thinking) and Libra is where it's clear.