Solar Return

I am currently booked to January 17th, 2019. Readings will be delivered 3-5 days after January 17th, 2019.

This 5-6 page report (or 45 minute Skype session) looks at the upcoming influences for your year ahead. Accurate time of birth and your birthday location (where you are spending your birthday) is necessary for this report. 

This is a general overview of the 12 months between one birthday and the next, but does not deal with specific timing or individual transits. Great for identifying areas (love, career, family, finances, health) that will be emphasized in the upcoming year.

Skype and written reports are now priced differently. They have the same amount of detail but I charge more for the written versions because they are labour intensive.  Check the drop-down list under "Report Options." Once you place your order, please email your details to

I have updated my refund policy in my Terms of Service: please read before you book.

GST/HST charged for Canadian customers.

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