Uranus' Transit of Taurus

On May 15th, 2018 the great disruptor (Uranus) will trigger earthquakes with its ingress into stubborn Taurus. What's kept you comfortable (or stagnant) may be shaken. New ways of surviving and thriving will result. Uranus changes signs about once every seven years, so this will be a significant new chapter. 

I've written a 30-page ebook that features thorough but concise descriptions of this transit by house, as well as an intro that lays out all the details (dates and degrees). 

Here's an excerpt:

2nd House: earned money, resources, values, survival, self-worth: "This is the house of what you own, including the money you earn. A Uranus transit can change your earning patterns via a new source of income or a disruption to your current source of income. There can be unforeseen expenses, or maybe(!) a sudden influx of cash. What you currently value (your material possessions) may also change — there could be a loss or gain that means you no longer place the same amount of value on what you have. The type of change will be related to what you feel you must have to survive, and if you’re stuck in any stagnant patterns."

$5 will get you a PDF download that outlines possible scenarios. Even though Uranus is famously unpredictable, you'll have a sense of what might be coming. 

Before you purchase:

  • You must have access to, and a basic understanding of, your natal chart (based on accurate birth time) to use this book. Please don't send me your birth information - you'll be looking at your chart and identifying which house(s) Uranus in Taurus will move through.

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"Uranus' Transit of Taurus", by Nadia Gilchrist:  $5

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